The Spanish of Mexico

Some Common Expressions Unique to Mexico

There are many expressions in common use in Mexico that distinguish the Spanish spoken in Mexico from the Spanish spoken in other areas. It should also be pointed out, that like most of Latin America, the vosotros or informal plural you is not used. Instead, ustedes is used to indicate the plural you, in both formal and informal settings. Additionally, in Mexico the vowels are typically pronounced with less strength while the consonants are fully pronounced, unlike the rest of the Spanish-speaking world. This linguistic feature of Mexican Spanish has been attributed the influence of Nahuatl and other indigenous languages. Another feature that distinguishes Mexican Spanish from other regions is the more frequent use of the diminutive, especially the ending -ito to denote politeness or affection.

Below, I have compiled a list of common expressions that are unique to, or characterize, the Spanish of Mexico. This list is by no means exhaustive. Rather, I tried to select some of the more common expressions so that the reader might become familiar with them. I will continue to update and expand this list as I have time. Many expressions have been omitted because they are too specific to a particular set of circumstances or occurrence. I have tried to select expressions that are frequently used in widely-ranging circumstances.

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